Registration is now closed for HSMD 2024. The registration details are left here for reference for participating coaches and students.

Fee Waivers

We are happy to announce that now we are offering fee waivers!  Schools located in Georgia that are participating in HSMD or a math competition for the first time or can demonstrate financial need are eligible. To apply for the fee waiver, please fill out this form:

Several things to note about the fee waiver:

  • The fee waivers are given to schools and not to individual participants.
  • Decisions are made by organizers based on several factors, however applicants are encouraged to apply early as decisions will be released on a rolling basis. 
  • We will try to honor as many requests as possible, but schools are encouraged to register in the event of not receiving the fee waiver.
  • We aim to get back to applicants with a confirmation in 2-3 weeks after the application. Please be patient with us in case we receive more applications than accounted for.  

Fee Waiver Deadline

The deadline to submit a fee waiver request was Wednesday, January 17th, 2024.


Registration for the 2024 HSMD is now live! Coaches, please register your school here:

Before submitting the form, please pay the registration fee [18$ per student] below using the online payment portal link. After the payment, you will receive a Reference Number which you will need for the Registration form. If you cannot pay online, you can send a check instead and note this on the registration form. If you have received a fee waiver, you will input the fee waiver confirmation number instead.

If you have received a fee waiver, you will input the fee waiver confirmation number instead. Also, please have ready a list of your students, their T-Shirt sizes, morning round preferences, and dietary restrictions. Please carefully read the information under the Format and Schedule page, as the format for this year’s HSMD has changed.

Note that student preferences for the morning round are not subject to change, but students can change their preference for the afternoon round on the day of the competition. We recommend students and the coach to get acquainted with the structure of the Math Day before filling in the registration form.

This registration form is to be filled by the coach of the school only. Each school needs exactly one coach to fill in the registration form. 

At HSMD we do not enforce a set amount of students per school, but the maximum number of students per school is 20. The teams for the Team Round will be formed randomly shortly before the round itself as some students might choose to do the Proof Round. Fill in the information about students from your school in the registration form, and if you have less than 10 students (which is absolutely fine with us!), please leave the rest of the fields blank. If you have more than 10 students, please fill in the registration form a second time.


Registration fees are 18$ per student. We encourage you to pay electronically through the online payment portal: 

Once the payment is completed, you will receive a Reference Number. Please save it, as it will be needed to confirm your payment when filling in the registration form. If you have received a fee waiver, you will input the fee waiver confirmation number instead. 

If you cannot pay online, you may alternatively mail us a check at: 

Georgia Institute of Technology
ATTN: Melissa Raine
686 Cherry Street, Skiles 120
Atlanta, GA, 30332-0160

If you decide to go with this option, please mark so on the Registration form. However, we strongly encourage the online payment option.

Registration Deadline

The deadline for Registration was Friday, February 2nd, 2024.

We strongly encourage applicants to register earlier in case we reach our capacity limit.