Format and Schedule

The event will take place April 22 at Georgia Tech

8:30–9:00Registration & Breakfast
9:00–10:30Morning competition
10:30–12:30Lunch and activity stations
12:30–2:30Afternoon competition
2:45–3:45Invited speaker
3:45–4:15Awards ceremony

Morning Competition

There are two options for the morning competition. The “Algebra” option is a traditional competition focusing on standard parts of middle and high-school mathematics (algebra, geometry, some trigonometry). Our past “free-response” competitions are a good example of what to expect for the Algebra option.

The “Logic” option focuses on more puzzle-based mathematics including small pen-and-paper puzzles like Sudoku and logic-based word problems such as might be found on the LSAT. Answers will be given as multiple choice or short answer.

Activity Stations

During and after lunchtime, there will be several activity stations set up with a variety of hands-on mathematical explorations. One station will have board games, other stations will be similar to “Math Circles.”

Afternoon Competition

Similar to the morning competition, the afternoon will also have two options. The “Algebra” option will focus on standard curricular material. This competition is an individual, proof-based competition. Our past “proof” competitions are good examples of what to expect.

The “Logic” option for the afternoon is a group competition and will feature a variety of problem types. This competition is an expansion of our previous “group” competitions. We are aiming to include some longer puzzles and some open-ended questions. Some questions will be scored for communicating the answer rather than just getting the correct answer.