Georgia Tech High School Math Day

Picture of the 2017 event

Welcome to the 2023 High School Math Day (HSMD) at Georgia Tech! The event first started in 1958 as the High School Math Competition. The tradition was revived in 2004, and over the years has evolved to become what it is today: a math competition together with math-exploration stations, board games, as well as an informative and entertaining lecture.

The competition element of the HSMD consisted of four separate exams in two stages. Each student took one exam in each of the two stages. In the first stage, students chose to take either a logic puzzle-based exam, or a more traditional algebra/trigonometry-based exam. In the second stage, the top-scoring students in each first stage category took a proof-based exam, and the rest divided into small groups for a group exam.

This is an in-person event was hosted at Georgia Tech on April 22. Renay San Miguel from Georgia Tech’s College of Science wrote a news article about the event.

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